Fitted Interiors NVQ Level 2 Requirements

The NVQ Level 2 Fitted Interiors assessment & training course is developed for experienced furniture installers who have good understanding of the furniture fitting tasks and who are capable of showing the needed furniture fitting practical skills according to the National Occupational Standards.

A skilled furniture installer must recognize and know how to:

  • install floor and wall units
  • work with surfaces
  • form cut outs in the work surfaces
  • form external and internal corners

The fitted interiors NVQ level 2 assessment and training course should contain a record that shows that the candidate has an obvious understanding of the project Health and Safety guidelines. Thus, a furniture fitter must demonstrate the ability and expertise to perform jobs safely, as stated in the site rules.

  • Assessment Type: On-Site Assessment
  • CSCS Card Type: Skilled Worker (Blue) CSCS card
  • Dedicated Assessor: Yes; with direct contact number
  • Assessment Timescale: 2+ months
  • Fast Track Assessment: 4-8 weeks guaranteed (Optional)
  • Classroom Attendance: No; we’ll visit you at your workplace
  • Guidance & Support: Yes; we’re here to help
  • Our Coverage: All of UK
  • Exams: No
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NVQ Level 2 Fitted Interiors Certificate (Furniture Fitters)

This NVQ Level 2 Fitted Interiors assessment & training has been developed for those who have significant knowledge in a real-world environment that demonstrates their capability to achieve the fitted interiors NVQ level 2 certificate.

When you commit to the NVQ Level 2 Fitted Interiors assessment & training course, you are going to be assessed for a set of knowledge and performance assessment requirements that are recognized by the National Occupational Standards, relevant to the work area. The assessment will be overseen by a seasoned professional who is certified and qualified to offer you help and assistance as you achieve your qualification.

This assessment and training course allows learners to showcase their experience, abilities, clear understanding, and proficiency in an actual workplace environment so that they can execute furniture installation jobs within the building sector.

Fitted Interiors NVQ Level 2 Units

Unit Title Level
Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace 1
Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace 2
Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Workplace 2
Installing fitted furniture in the workplace 2

NVQ Assessment Process

Unlike the colleges, we have much shorter terms of the completion. That’s because our approach is deeply personalised and we tailor the assessment plan that suits your circumstances. Also, for your convenience, we come to visit you at your workplace right when you need it, within a matter of days not months.

Once you apply for the NVQ Level 2 Fitted Interiors assessment and training course, you’re going to be appointed a dedicated assessor for your NVQ assessment who will provide support and help throughout the assessment and training course as you achieve your furniture fitter certificate.

Typically, it takes 2 site visits to collect the required evidence for the NVQ level 2 fitted interiors qualification, but this may differ depending upon your capability, as well as motivation, to collaborate with the assessor.

Our professional assessor is going to conduct the On-Site Assessment & Training (ASAT) course—which means no time off work is required. Your assigned assessor will arrange a meeting at your work environment on a day and a time practical for you. And with your support and involvement, the assessor will agree on the assessment methods, such as observation of your job and discussion, to most effectively gather the necessary set of proofs that verifies your proficiency in the furniture fitting trade.

Assessment Length

Before starting the Fitted Interiors NVQ Level 2 assessment course, you’ll go over all aspects of your employment situation with the assessor to verify the assessment end date. Once you can agree on a practical and achievable completion date, the assessment can start.

The NVQ assessment program may take from 2 to 6 months from start to finish; however, the assessment completion time can differ and greatly depends upon your circumstances, motivation as well as ability, to provide the assessor with the needed information for the NVQ Level 2 in Fitted Interiors.

NVQ Level 2 Fitted Interiors Fast Track Course

It is possible to speed up your fitted interiors NVQ level 2 assessment course by selecting the relevant option in the booking form on this website (check out the booking form options for more info).