NVQ Diploma is required if you’re trying to find a job in the construction company, or just looking to climb the ranks of the company you’re hired in. Level 2 is the most basic level of diploma education you can get as a construction worker, but you can only proceed to Level 3 if you have a diploma in Level 2.

Here are some of the things you need to know about the decorating finishing diploma:

It’s a CSCS verified diploma

Decorating Finishing in Painting and Decorating is a verified diploma from CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme). CSCS is basically a registration card scheme that is recognized by construction companies of all levels. By having a diploma that is verified and attested by the CSCS, you will be able to show off your knowledge and skills without having to do much effort at all. Just a simple show of cards should be good enough for a company to know that you’re a valuable and verified worker.

Specifications about the diploma

This qualification/diploma will help you develop all the necessary skills you will need to apply using the brush in skills like painting and preparing surfaces for painting.

There are 3 pathways you can take when studying in this diploma:

Decorative finishing – Be able to design, and craft creative and decorative designs for individuals.

Industrial Painter – Be able to paint whole industrial buildings with a professional finish.

Heritage Painter – Be able to paint old buildings and heritages with distinct finishes.

Anyone can apply for this diploma

There is no age or education limit on who can apply for this diploma. However, only those who have gained the skills required will be able to pass this diploma course and get verified as a professional. The diploma can last up to a year, and at the end of the diploma will be a test which will determine if you can pass and become verified personnel.

On an average, the diploma lasts for 3-8 months for talented and worthy individuals.

There will be around 72-76 credits on the bare minimum, if you wish to pass this diploma and become an industrial painter.

Where can you go after this diploma?

After getting this diploma, you can safely apply for a Level 3 diploma, for example the occupational Work Supervision diploma. With that diploma, you will be able to enjoy a much more comfortable work experience without having to worry about all the manual labor.

Where to register for this course?

If you have decided that you wish to have an NVQ diploma in Decorative Finishing, you should certainly contact our company. We are officially attested by the CSCS and will be able to cater you into our program.

In this entire course, we will be covering the basics as well as the different basic knowledge you will need about painting. We will try to cover all three pathways of decorative finishing. You will be asked for a test at the end of the studying course. If you pass, you will successfully be rewarded this diploma. This is all part-time so you can continue your job too while studying for this diploma.