A Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Wood Occupations is an official recognition which will make you able to learn and get enough skills which are required to work in the constriction field in the best possible way. This is a work-related qualification which is aiming at the applicants with age 16 or above. If you are the one who wants to work in the construction field as a specialist in wooden-based occupation, then Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Wood Occupations is a course which is meant for you. It is because this course will help you to develop skills and knowledge in the respected field.

Areas of skills and knowledge

Do you want to know what skills and knowledge you will get from this? Well, have a look at the following information to get a better idea about which areas of qualification will be covered with this qualification.

  1. architectural joinery
  2. site carpentry
  3. structural post
  4. beam carpentry
  5. timber frame creation
  6. light structural timber framing
  7. timber decks
  8. cladding
  9. heritage architectural joinery
  10. heritage site carpentry
  11. beam carpentry and heritage post

Even more, you will get a chance to learn various workplace entities including general health, welfare, and safety, also productive working practices along with moving, storing and handling available resources in a more effective way. Moreover, learners will also get a better chance to specialize in engineering routine architectural joinery, installing fixing components of the first and second level, fabricating timber framework and setting it out. Even more, you will also be able to learn to install hinges, frames, internal moldings. Constructing timber walls, floors and roofs including shaping and cutting machines set up and use will also be included in this course. This course has been designed in a perfect way to help you.

How we can help you?

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