The most complex and perhaps the most advanced diploma course for a construction site worker is the level 6 NVQ diploma course.

If you are looking to specialize in Construction Site Management, you will need to have a compatible Level 4 diploma and at least 5+ years of relevant experience in management roles.

In order to even apply for this diploma, you will need a portfolio that can explain that you are worthy enough to apply for the course, as well as the years of experience should be shown to the NOS (National Occupational Standards).

Here are some of the facts about the diploma & the responsibilities the construction site manager will have, should they pass this degree, and get a job from this diploma:

Equivalence to Bachelor’s Degree

The Level 6 diploma is equivalent to a vocational Bachelor’s Degree. This means that you will be given the same status and the same job opportunities as a college student who has had their Bachelor’s degree done by a respected institute.

What this means for an employee is that they will easily be able to get a job in any big companies without having to worry about not having a college degree.

CSCS Black Card

The CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) is the official registration card scheme that indirectly decides what your worth as a construction worker actually is. It is the highest level of card scheme and people in the construction industry will instantly start respecting you the moment they see your black CSCS card. Not only that, you might not be forced to show your experience in any job interview. Just flexing this card should be good enough to get into a good managerial position.

Different routes to this diploma

There are 5 unique routes that you can take inside this diploma course, which are:

  • Building & Civil Engineering
  • Highways Maintenance & Repair
  • Residential Development
  • Demolition
  • Conservation

You may want to choose a major you chose in previous levels, just like in Level 4. It will be much easier for you, and you will have a much higher chance of being able to pass this diploma.

Apply to become a member of the CIOB

The Chartered Institute of Building is the most official center for people in the construction industries. Any person that is in the CIOB will automatically have a portfolio that will be trusted by even the major construction companies.

You can apply for the Chartered Institute of Building’s membership after you are a Level 6 NVQ.

Where to register for this course?

If you have decided that you wish to have an NVQ diploma in construction site management, you should certainly contact our company. We are officially attested by the CSCS and will be able to cater you into our program.

You will be given a timescale of around 6 months to attend the several classes and get ready for the final test that will decide if you have passed or failed the diploma. If you need any help, we will be able to provide all help you require, as soon as humanly possible.