The level 4 NVQ diploma in construction site supervision is an advanced course that covers all the complex content you might need to get into a much better position as an individual working for the construction industry.

The Level 4 diploma is much more difficult than even a level 3 diploma, and needs a level 3 diploma requirement to even try to apply for this course.

Here are some of the facts you need to know about the diploma that ultimately leads to the position of construction site supervisor:

Where does this diploma lead to?

The level 4 NVQ diploma in construction site supervision leads to several areas of supervision. People who are enrolled in this course can choose from several options available to them like:

  • Building & civil engineering (GK-03 80)
  • Demolition (GJ9Y 80)
  • Tunnelling (GJ9W 80)
  • Residential Development (GK-00 80)
  • Conservation (GJ9X 80)
  • Highways & Maintenance (GK-01 80)

And so on. There might be other options depending on where you are doing this diploma from.

What will you be able to do after passing this diploma?

The level 4 diploma is much more complex and tough as compared to the level 3 diploma in supervisory positions.

This diploma covers several courses like:

Planning – When working in a workplace, you will be able to finally plan activities and resources advance, resulting in a much more efficient and comfortable workplace environment.

Assessing – You will be able to successfully analyze everything about the site operations in the workplace, and be able to determine what resources are needed for a certain job to be done. You will be responsible for checking the different requirements before even starting the job.

Co-ordinating – You will be able to control what kind of co-ordination is needed for controlling the flow of work in the workplace and checking up on each employee that is working under your commands.

Controlling – You will be responsible for the entire process of controlling work against agreed programs. You will have to check if a certain employee is capable enough for a certain job or not, and then decide what to do with that employee afterward.

How to complete this diploma

In order to complete this diploma, you need to have at least 123 credits before passing. This means that you will be asked to complete 6 mandatory universal subjects and then having to choose between one of the several pathways that have been mentioned earlier. (demolition, tunnelling etc)

Where to register for this course?

If you have decided that you wish to have an advanced NVQ diploma in construction site supervision, you should certainly contact our company. We are officially attested by the CSCS and will be able to cater you into our program. You might be able to enjoy the best study experience while being able to continue your work as a full-time employee.

After this course, you will be asked for a test at the end. If you pass, you will successfully be rewarded this diploma.