The Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision can only be started if you have completed your previous diploma at Level 2 from any of the select diploma fields.

As a Level 3 NVQ Diploma holder, you will be able to get a way better chance at getting the job you’re applying for, than a level 2 diploma holder. You will be presented with more opportunities and it’ll become an easier task trying to find a good package for your job. But if you are already in a company, and just wish to climb that company’s ranks, this diploma will certainly help you do that too.

Here are some of the facts and responsibilities that come as an occupational work supervisor:

What can you do with this diploma?

This diploma in occupational work supervision can lead to technical, managerial and supervisory roles in all types of construction companies & industries. No matter what kind of construction company you’re working for, there is always a seat for occupational work supervisor. Jobs of supervision and management are open in many industrial companies, and if you are able to complete this diploma, you will be able to apply too.

It is mandatory for Construction Technical Apprenticeship

If you were thinking about applying for a better job at your construction company, do note that you will need this degree before you can do so. Almost all companies that follow CSCS standards will want you to take and complete this diploma course before you can even apply for apprenticeship under technical construction.

Who should have this diploma?

The level 3 qualification for occupational work supervision is for people who are:

  • Looking to enhance their career prospects
  • Looking to progress into a supervisory/managerial position
  • Apprenticeship into technical positions
  • Students with only Level 2 qualification
  • Full-time/part-time employees with Level 2 qualification

What is included in this diploma?

In this diploma are included the several courses that you will have to undertake, that will help you become a person that is eligible for management position as an occupational work supervisor.

You will be required to pass both the on-field test as well as the knowledge-based test, and the difficulty of this diploma is much higher than a Level 2 diploma.

This is why this is a Level 3 diploma instead of a Level 2 diploma. You may be asked questions about the Level 2 diploma that you did previously.

Where to register for this course?

If you have decided that you wish to have a level 3 NVQ diploma in occupational work supervision, you should certainly contact our company. We are officially attested by the CSCS and will be able to cater you into our program.

In this entire course, we will be covering all the relatively advanced things a person should know about the construction industry and your relevant field. You will be asked to pass all tests, if you wish to be awarded the diploma. This is all part-time so you can continue your job too while studying for this diploma.